The Effects of US-China Relations on US

In such a modern world, one nation often is very concerned on the actions of another, since any action one nation takes can affect many other nations.  Today, there is much talk about China, its growth, the effects it is having on American jobs, the problems of the trade deficit and other concerns with American-China … Read more

Tips for Business Travel to China

The business world is constantly expanding and developing at different rates in different parts of the world.  To be sure, one could gain both a great insight and advantage from basing a business somewhere other than the United States.  Beijing in particular offers many such opportunities for growth and would be great for an American … Read more

Purchasing Business Insurance in China

There are all forms of risk when doing business in a foreign land such as China. To encourage foreign investment, the Chinese government does have establishments in China to offer ‘insurance’ on such ventures. There are also American enterprises that offer insurance when doing business in China. The American offered insurance when doing business in … Read more

US Government Restrictions on Investing in China

American businessmen are always looking for new markets, cheaper labor and resources to expand their market share.  Investing into China is a great opportunity.  The few US laws and regulations on foreign investments seem Laissez-faire when compared to the regulations of China. America has a standing policy to, “supports U.S. economic prosperity by strengthening the … Read more

Local Help Starting A Business In China

There are many hurdles to doing business in a place like China.  Businesses from the U.S. are at a disadvantage overseas because of rules and regulations from what one can purchase, to requirements to rent land and sell products within China.  One must also overcome transportation currency exchange, and language barriers.  In order to do … Read more

Foreign Business Investment in China

If you are contemplating investing in a business venture in China a good place to start researching the Chinese government’s requirements and rules for foreign investment is the website of China’s Ministry of Commerce. The Ministry of Commerce offers helpful articles such as: How to set up a cooperative joint venture in China? Required Documents … Read more