Doing Business In China With Chinese Government Assistance

Foreign markets are a major part of modern business, both as markets for good and pools of untapped labor.  Ventures to booming countries such as China are becoming more and more common.  China, in an attempt to promote such movement of jobs, technology and foreign capital, established a national site to help connect foreign investors and businessmen to domestic businessmen who are ready and willing to do business.

The Chinese Commodity Net (CCN), is China’s site to promote foreign venture into China. This is a large tool, “…to help foreign buyers find Chinese suppliers and other business partners.” It allows members to narrow down general searches of a business by product.

There is no charge to using the CCN network to make business relations.  However, to use the CCN, one must register, inputting “detailed information of the product that you suppose to purchase from China.”

After one has filled in what they are looking for, the CCN will find possible matches.  The standard practice is, “…in 7-10 working days, we would provide 5-10 Chinese suppliers as your request”.  An example, one post is of a person by the name of Budi is looking for “ampere chart recorder with paper (will be used for oil field electrical control panel).”  Of course, any sensitive information is replied via e-mail by the administrators of the site, while other businessmen can reply personally to your post.

The Chinese Commodity Net is a national establishment established by the China’s Ministry of Commerce.  With all the varying regulations, enforcements and other variations from region to region of China, further information is greatly beneficial.  One could establish communication with an operating business from CCN to clarify any concerns, questions, and regulations.  Or one could pay for those who specialize in businesses that help businesses find connections in a foreign market.  There are no such free establishments by the People’s Republic of China that could be found.

Apart from visiting this site for promotion of trade partners, one should also visit the Ministry of Commerce site and search for specific regulation laws for particular products.  The largest one is the ‘China Compulsory Certification’ (CCC).

By – Domenic Gabriella for